Sand blasting is a surface cleaning process that involves removing dirt, oil, rust and corrosion on stainless steel or metal and repainting the surface. Sand blasting in stainless also extends the already long life of stainless steel.

While sand blasting is done, specially manufactured abrasive materials known as grit are used. Sand blasting cleans the micro particles on the surface and reveals the essence of stainless steel and metal.

Metal, glass or mineral-based abrasive materials can be used in sand blasting machines. The selected material may differ depending on the sand blasting machine and the material of the area to be sanded. Protective products such as nozzles, nozzle holders, masks and gloves should be used while sand blasting. This helps both to ensure safety and to get the job done efficiently. As sand blasting consumables; Abrasives such as stainless steel ball, glass bead, aluminum oxide ball, steel grid, basalt silica, quartz can be used. Especially silica sand is used together with the sand blasting technique, which will be done at very light intensity. Using silica sand will ensure that the surface does not deteriorate. Grid is the type of sand with the highest sand blasting power. Grid, also known as iron residue, is used especially on large surfaces.