Döksan Heat Treatment and R&D Center Inc. aims to be one of the important heat treatment practitioners in the national market. Döksan Heat Treatment and R&D Center Inc. has envisaged a quality policy based on unconditional customer satisfaction in order to achieve this goal. In this context, it has adopted as a quality policy to fully meet the needs of the customer, to apply heat treatment in international quality and standards, to comply with the conditions of the quality management system together with the contract conditions and legal obligations, and to continuously improve the effectiveness of this system. In order to achieve these;

  • Monitors the changing market / market conditions and customer expectations, makes necessary arrangements.
  • Company employees are trained and conscious in order to meet customer satisfaction in the best way possible.
  • The work is done using the highest technological level. It aims to produce in the highest quality without harming people and the environment.
  • It always prioritizes the interests of the society.

Progress by applying Total Quality Management, which is a human-oriented management style, is an indispensable condition of the company.