It is a low temperature surface hardening process performed by diffusing nitrogen onto the material surface. Surface hardness, fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance and liquid material flow quality (in injection molds) increase in the parts that nitriding process is applied, while the adhesion problem is eliminated.

Advantages of Gas Nitriding Compared to Other Surface Hardening Processes;

Since the process temperature is low and heating and cooling rates are completely controlled, distortion is minimal compared to other hardening methods. Thanks to the furnace atmosphere used, there is no scale or residual chemicals on the material surface. A clean gray surface is obtained. Unlike plasma nitriding, the surfaces of blind holes in parts can also be hardened. Since the processes are carried out in our KN controlled furnaces and under continuous computer control, parameters such as hardness, hardness depth, white layer thickness can be adjusted, monitored and repeated specifically for the charge.