The carbonitriding process is a modified form of the carburizing process. In addition to carburising, ammonia is added to the furnace atmosphere so that nitrogen is added to the steel surface along with carbon. The difference of the process compared to carburizing is that it is done at lower temperatures, shorter processing times, and as a result, a thinner hardness layer is formed. Carbonitriding process, usually 0.05-0.5 mm. It is applied when the depth of hardness is desired and steels not suitable for carburising are selected.After the carburizing process, the steel is tempered, reducing the stresses in the material and obtaining the desired final hardness value.

Usage Areas

Materials that can be applied carnonitriding;

  • 1010
  • 1020
  • 9SMnPb28
  • 11SMnPb30
  • 16 MnCr5
  • 8620
  • 20MnB5
  • St 52