Founded by Mr. Yılmaz Gençler, Döksan’s roots date back to the 1960s. Döksan, which has been providing casting service for nearly 30 years after its establishment, started heat treatment in 1989 by induction and surface hardening. Under the leadership of General Manager Gürkan Gençler, it made an important breakthrough in 2013 and moved to its new campus in ASO 1st Organized Industrial Zone. Continuing its activities with 3 branches in Ankara and Konya, Döksan has become the most comprehensive heat treatment company in the country with the capacity increase and the skills it has developed in a very short time.


All operations at DÖKSAN ISIL İŞLEM ve ARGE MERKEZİ A.Ş. are carried out in accordance with national and international quality standards, and meet all the requirements of the developing technology and the industry. Determining the production policy in the light of R&D studies and engineering applications with innovative, creative designs and solutions in order to respond to the growth rate of our country’s industry, including automotive, work and agricultural machinery, space, aviation, defense industry, medical and textile sectors

and in this direction, reaching a certain quality in the HEAT TREATMENT sector is one of the goals of DÖKSAN ISIL İŞLEM ve ARGE MERKEZİ A.Ş.


The processes for the following products, which are used in almost all sectors, especially in the automotive and defense industries, are carried out in our facilities: Front-rear undercarriage, gearbox on the chassis, differential and all kinds of gears, shafts, rings, bushings of the engine, cover, body, fittings (nut, bolt, washer and stud), backhoe/loader, dozer, grader, ladle, All kinds of gears, shafts, forks, bushings, springs, fasteners (nuts, bolts, washers and studs), body, cast iron, nodular cast iron, steel, aluminum, titanium materials such as cover, crankshafts All heat treatment applications such as normalization, isothermal annealing, reclamation, carburising, induction, tempering, gas and plasma nitriding, vacuum hardening, which must be applied after the final or draft state, are carried out in our facilities.

Sectors we serve;